Welcome to Fixmedia


Hey, my name is Michael Johnson and I decided to start this site because I suffered from social anxiety attacks for well over a decade. In here I will share my story with you and most importantly how I managed to overcome my anxieties and panic attacks. I am not 100% cured but it is much better now and I dare to say that I can finally live a normal life.

What is this place?

This will be a place for people who suffer from panic attacks and anxiety to share ideas together and get valuable information on how to improve the quality of their lives. I will share my personal experiences and hopefully be able to give you some real insights and help you along your journey to a better life.

Where to start

Right now there is not an awful lot of content available but I sure am working on that! You can navigate through the links in the menu bar above, read my posts and leave a comment with your thoughts, experiences or ideas. You can request an article if you want me to write about something specific related to the overall theme of the site (panic attacks and anxiety).

I am also working on  a design to make this site more appealing. It doesn’t really look like much right now…

Make sure to visit again soon and by then everything should look better around here.


Take care, Michael.

path to an anxiety free life

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao-tzu